Best Practices - Go Green

A best practice is a standard guidelines that is known to produce good outcomes if followed. Best practices are related to how to carry out a task or configure something and guidelines may be set by an internal to an organization.


  •  To create environment consciousness
  • Maintain biodiversity
  • Tree plantation
  • Use of renewable energy
  • To maintain carbon neutrality
  • Effective waste management

The Context

The main challenge of the modern world is biodegradation and adversities of climate change. The lack of awareness amongst students and general public about the challenging situation facing the world consequent upon fast changing climate and abuse of nature. There is need to educate students community about the existence of challenges climate change and its adverse effect on the community and human life, at present and in future. The Eco friendly campus will give a message to the students that if nature is protected, the adversities of climate can be avoided. The green atmosphere in the campus creates a suitable learning environment and also gives lessons regarding how to protect environment and help the human race. Apart from mankind, the other species also need protection of environment. Life can be better and enjoyable if green practices are followed.


There are more than 150 herbal trees in the campus with a beautiful Herbal Garden belonging to different species of Medicinal plants. Few of them include Giloy, Arjun, Aloe vera, Nimb, Sadabahar etc.

Ishan Institutions have total 10 acres of land out of which 65% is open and green area is available where maximum plantation has been done with vast varieties of herbal and medicinal plants and fruits. Its entrance is beautifully decorated with green landscaping with pleasant trees. Though the college is protected with wire fencing compound, but it is surrounded with numerous trees. There are about more than 230 varieties of plants and total count is in thousands.

For rainwater, there is provision of rainwater harvesting and there is one borewell in the college which is recharged through rainwater harvesting. To develop the agriculture land for keeping environmental balance college has taken initiative and planted trees such as Ashoka, Mango, Teak, Coconut, Eucalyptus, Acacia, Neem etc. and seasonal vegetables and flowers.

Maximum trees have got Ayurvedic importance in medical treatment and some trees are useful to improve the fertility of soil and avoid soil erosion in this way, college has taken innovative steps to keep the environmental balance by planting the trees on the college campus.

Evidence of Success

The green campus has been appreciated by ayurvedic doctors, Ambassadors of various countries, Ministers and they say that it is one of the best Green Campuses in India which is surrounded by fresh air. The fruits trees like Lemon, Mango, Jamun, Anar, Banana, Guava etc. are grown in bulk and enjoyed by students, guests and staff with family.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

While the opportunities to explore eco-friendly possibilities are evident, actions devoted to conservation for a green campus are expensive and due to weather conditions survival of plants is a bigger challenge.

Planting of trees is a continuous process and on each environmental day, national festivals and whenever VIP guests visit the campus, new plants are being added. In autumn the problems of disposal of dry leaf are also a problem.

So, college enthusiastically participated in this campaign to create awareness among the community. One more problem is space required for more and more trees .If we get a quality tree of rarely available breed then removal of another useless /multiple trees as replacement is also a problem.

Notes (Optional)

Making green campus is a wonderful experience when we find our self near the Nature. A large variety of plants which grow fruits, herbals, beautiful flowers make the campus eco-friendly and we feel by grace of god that we are living under his blessings.
Everything requires some efforts, application of skill and prudence for a successful venture. We love the tree and get their blessings. We feel proud by making a green campus.