A well-equipped library is the backbone of the institute. According to Bacon – “Good books are the student’s best friend”. The library is a place for all the students to visit regularly. Library is considered to be soul of any academic institution and it plays very important role in the field of education. Education and library are adjoined together; one cannot be separated from another. As a focal point for teaching, learning, and research, library is expected to provide standard information resources.

Features of Ishan’s Library

The library of Ishan Institute is housed in a spacious hall, and comprises a stock area with reading room space. The stock of books is sufficient subject-wise with a great number of titles. The total books are approx 30000. There are about 5 magazines on different subjects and thesis on project reports on different issues. As a good library is not limited to course books, therefore books on a variety of subjects are available within the library. New additions are made on the recommendation of the faculty. The Institute is also a member of Delnet with the aim of borrowing and sharing of special books, Journal Magazines (National & International) and programs.

Some of the characteristics of Ishan Library

  • Maintains an accessible records and relies upon technologies for enhancing its services.
  • Provides reference and students education programmes on a regular basis.
  • Communicates and connects with the students on a regular basis, telling about its resources in order to attract them and ensure maximum usage of the resources.
  • Free Internet access with high speed, Wi-Fi facilities which are required by students, and research scholars for writing term paper, research activities, etc.
  • Member of some national network in order to cater to the information needs of its students, as, at times, information resources available with it may be inadequate to meet students needs.

Blind Date With Book

We have selected a variety of books from our collection wrapped them to hide the identity of the book for your date till you get it. It may be fiction or a non-fiction .You may choose Any wrapped book from library.

Library Orientation- Information Literacy Program

Library orientation-information literacy program to make new comers aware from the library resources. Services and rules-regulation detailed information as lecture “know your library” delivered by our librarian.

Library experience

“House of Wisdom” A well-stocked library is the backbone of any academic institution. Library being the storehouse of knowledge is a very important source of learning and development of students.

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.