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Holiday List 2022

Below is the list of holidays for 2022

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Following are CCS University’s previous years (old) Question Papers of B.Ed.and B.Com. for your guidance and practice:

CCS University B.Ed. Question Papers


June 2019 1st Year Question Papers

Subject Name Download Link
B.Ed. 1st Year E-101:CC1: Contemporary India and EducationDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 1st Year E-102 :CC2: Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives of EducationDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 1st Year E-103 :CC3: Growing up as a LearnerDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 1st Year E-104 :CC4: Teacher, Teaching and TechnologyDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 1st Year E-201 Pedagogy of HindiDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 1st Year E-202 Pedagogy of EnglishDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 1st Year E-203 Pedagogy of SanskritDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 1st Year E-204 Pedagogy of Social SciencesDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 1st Year E-205 Pedagogy of MathematicsDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 1st Year E-206 Pedagogy of Physical ScienceDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 1st Year E-207 Pedagogy of Biological SciencesDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 1st Year E-208 Pedagogy of Computer ScienceDOWNLOAD HERE

June 2019 2ndYear Question Papers

Subject Name Download Link
B.Ed. 2nd Year E-301: CIX: Creating an Inclusive SchoolDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 2nd Year E-302 : C-X : Gender, School and SocietyDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 2nd Year E-303 : C-XI : Knowledge, Language and CurriculumDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 2nd Year E-304/E-401 : Assessment for LearningDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 2nd Year E-501: Educational Administration and ManagementDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 2nd Year E-502: Guidance and CounsellingDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 2nd Year E-503: Environment EducationDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 2nd Year E-504: Health, Physical Education and YofDOWNLOAD HERE
B.Ed. 2nd Year E-505: Life Style ManagementDOWNLOAD HERE

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