Department of Rog Nidan Avum Vikriti Vigyan (Pathology)

The department of Rog Nidan Avum Vikriti Vigyan deals with the basic concepts of Ayurveda pathology and the complete understanding of disease thus helping for the early diagnosis and proper planning of treatment course.

Ishan Ayurvedic Medical College and Research Centre has a well-equipped department of Rog Nidan Avum Vikriti Vigyan. (Pathology) The studies in this concern subject are designed in such a way that the students
become good researcher, academician & confident medical professional so that the basic diagnostic principles of Ayurveda would be elaborated & the science is to be enriched & enhanced.

Rog Nidan Avum Vikriti Vigyan deals with the factors which are:
Essential to understand disease process as well as the diagnosis of disease. The normal state of mind and body is called prakriti and the abnormal state of the mind and body is termed as Vikruti. Nidan Panchak is the base of diagnosis of disease.

The Knowledge gained by scrutinizing the causes and symptoms of a disease related to person is called Vikruti Vigyan

Rog Nidan Avum Vikriti Vigyan is an essential part of Ayurveda that is useful in early diagnosis of disease and deals with classification of diseases and techniques of diagnosis. Rog Nidan Avum Vikriti Vigyan deals with the factors which are important to understand the origin of disease as well as pathogenesis, diagnosis, and investigations of the disease. It also deals with aetio-pathological and clinic-pathological studies of disease.

The normal state of mind and body is Prakriti i.e., Health and abnormal state of of body is called Vikriti i.e., Disease. Rog Nidan also helps to understand Dosha-Dushya & Mala kashya-vridhi lakshan and Dosha-Dushya Sammurchana.

Rogi- Priksha by Trividha, Chaturvidha, Sadhvidha, Asthvidha and Dashvidha, making a possible effort in early diagnosis of a disease. Roga pariksha by Nidan Panchak is the base of diagnosis of a disease which include Hetu, Roopa,Purvaroopa, Upsaya and Samprapti. Samanaya Samprapti i.e Sadhkriyakaal that helps in diagnosis of disease and provide us chance to treat the disease in every step such as Sanchya, Prokopa of Dosha. The main objectives of Rog Nidana department to provide good skills of diagnosis to students by Ayurvedic as well as
modern technologies and provide complete knowledge of bed side clinics and advanced investigations with clinical interpretation.

Key Features of Department

  • Well qualified Teaching, Non-teaching, and Hospital staff.
  • Trains students about diagnostic aspects, technique of clinical examination of patients as per Ayurvedic and Modern principles of diagnosis.
  • Learning of Prakriti Parikshana and Nadi Pariksha
  • Tutorial room with fully fledged audio-visual units such as mic with speakers and
    projector facilities.
  • Departmental Library is well equipped with all types of Ayurvedic as well as
    Modern text & reference books.
  • Well equipped college & Hospital Pathology Lab.
  • Urine Examination- Microscopic
  • Stool Examination.

Other clinical facilities

  • ECG
  • X-Ray
Department Initiatives 
Rog Nidan Department possesses good number of models, charts, specimens, and laboratory instruments which aids in the teaching. We conduct more than 30 laboratory test, bed side clinical classes, classes on diagnostic aids like x-ray,  ultrasound etc. 

Program and Course Outcomes

Programme Learning Outcomes (PO)

Department Faculty

Dr. Anup Kumar Mishra

Dr. Sakshi Bakshi