Nethra chikitsa (Opthalmology) OPD

Nethra chikitsa (Opthalmology) OPD

Ophthalmology focuses on ocular conditions like Myopia, Hypermetropia ,Astigmatism ,Allergic conjunctivitis, Dry eye syndrome ,Diabetic retinopathy, Hypertensive retinopathy, Central serous retinopathy, Macular degeneration, Glaucoma and many more related to the Eyes will be screened to provide the best eye care to the needful.

In the Netra Chikitsa OPD of Ishan Ayurvedic hospital following special therapeutic procedures perform regularly in the different eye ailments under the supervision of skilled and trained Ophthalmologists

Netra Kriyakalpa These are local ocular therapeutic procedures used to preserve the health of eye and help to treat diseases intending to provide better vision.

Akshi tarpana and putapaka: A unique procedure of application of medicine to the eyes which relieves pain and eye strain in people who work on computers; Protects the eye from degeneration due to aging process or due to diabetes and hypertension; gives palliative care in retinitis pigmentosa and retinal conditions.

 Aschyotana: The instillation of few drops of medicine into the eye is called Aschyotana which is adopted as a line of treatment in all eye diseases, relieves pain, irritation and foreign body sensation, excessive watering, burning sensation, redness .

 Netra pariseka: A therapy of pouring the medicine on the closed eye in the form of stream  in stye, chalazion, and in conditions with redness and discharge from eyes.

 Anjana: A technique in which medicine is applied in the form of collyrium planned in conditions like degeneration, pterygium.

 Pindi and Vidalaka: In Pindi medicine is packed in the cloth and is kept over the eyelid.

Vidalaka is a procedure of application of medicated paste to the outer surface of the eye lids. The therapy give smoothening effect in burning sensation, discharge, watering, swelling in the eye, redness and foreign body sensation concerning the eye.

Eye exercises: Special eye exercises form a part of treatment in refractive errors.

Padabhyanga: Application of oil to the feet followed by massage when done routinely improves the vision and relaxes the eyes.