National Seminar “ABHYUDAYA” : Digital Rupee –The Next Game Changer? will be held on 2nd Dec. 2023

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About the program:

Taking forward digitization efforts announced in the Union Budget 2022-23, the Reserve Bank of India has introduced its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in phases during the year. Ishan Institute of Management and Technology is therefore organizing a National Seminar ‘ABHYUDAYA’ on DIGITAL RUPEE- THE NEXT GAME CHANGER ? in Ishan Auditorium on 2nd December 2023 with the main objective to bring together students, scholars, and experts from different parts of the country to exchange knowledge, ideas and bring awareness about Digital Rupee. In this National Seminar various eminent Guests are invited to energize the participants and attendees, inspire them, and add value by sharing their knowledge on the topic. Undergraduate students, Post Graduate students, PhD Scholars, and Faculty members are invited to present their papers on the following topics:

• Digital Rupee: A step closer to cashless economy

• How will Digital Rupee function in Indian Economy.

• Digital Rupee Opportunities and Challenges

• Global Acceptance of Digital Rupee

CBDCs or digital rupee holds significant promise for the Indian economy and is set to become a prevalent payment system in numerous countries globally. Expected to enhance financial stability, CBDCs can indeed become a transformative force in shaping the future of money and finance worldwide.


• Boosting the Digital Economy to transform the landscape of global finance.

• Make Currency Management System cheaper.

• Reduce physical cash usage to generate a more secure and efficient payment system.

• Enhance liquidity & scalability making it easier to handle large volumes of transactions swiftly and securely.

• Faster Financial Transactions for improving overall economic efficiency.

• Create an Efficient Monetary Payment System with modern tools.

• Increased efficiency and transparency enable easier monitoring and tracking of financial transactions.

• Increase Financial Inclusion.

• Enable seamless and instantaneous money transfer

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