Workshop on “Positive Attitude for a Successful Career”

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About the programme

On 17th May 2023, Ishan Institute of Management and Technology organized a Workshop on “Positive Attitude for a Successful Career” for Management and Commerce students. The aim of organizing this workshop was to build a positive attitude among students toward their life and career. It helps to identify the essential components to develop the skill of positive thinking effectively. The Guest, Ms. Deepti Patil emphasized various personality traits and behavioral aspects which play a vital role in the attitude-building of a student. She also added that people who think more positively generally have better health and lower stress levels, which means they are more productive. A total of 24 students were given a chance to be a part of this workshop.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Build a positive attitude
  • To facilitate interaction
  • Promote decision-making
  • Support skill acquisition
  • Boost productivity

Key Outcomes

  • Interpersonal skills enhancement
  • Effective Communication and Good Listening
  • Boost Self Confidence
  • Improves problem-solving
  • Achieving Goals and Career success

Glimpses of the Workshop

Mr. Tushar Arya felicitating the Guest Speaker Dr. Deepti Patil.
Dr. Deepti Patil addressing the students.
Dr. Deepti Patil guiding students on Effecting Communication.
A Balloon based Activity on Effective Listening.
Group Photo of the Workshop.

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