Research Archives

Volume 1, December 2022
Published by: Ishan Institute of Law
1 Author Purnashri Das 1 to 16
Paper Title Emerging facets of gender justice in light of hart- Devlin debate and judicial decisions in India  
2 Author Prof. (Dr.) Parantap Kumar Das 17 to 26
Paper Title Violence against women in India: an analysis for handling the threat in the society  
3 Author Ms. Ambika Saksena 27 to 42
Paper Title Right to speedy justice in India: a Myth  
4 Author Dr. Annu Bahl Mehra & Dr. Suvesh Kumar 43 to 53
Paper Title The official secrets act, 1923: a critical review  
5 Author Mr. Nishant Rawat 54 to 63
Paper Title Indian system of government: a perfect blend of both Common law and civil law  
6 Author Dr. Ankur Goyal & Ms. Mahima Kathuria 64 to 70
Paper Title A Study of Employment Rights of Disabled in India  
7 Author Harsh Karoliya & Shringharika Tyagi  71 to 88
Paper Title Human rights of a prisoner in India  
8 Author Ms. Garima Mohan Prasad 89 to 100
Paper Title Jurisdictional approach towards cybercrime in India  
9 Author Ms. Ankita Yadav 101 to 112
Paper Title Child labour and its aspects in India  
10 Author Mr. Jay Prakash Srivastava 113 to 125
Paper Title Empowering women and girls for shared prosperity: a critical analysis of legislative framework of India